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The Email Conversion Kit™ is a complete package of our highest converting email templates, ideas and formulas for launching campaigns that convert!
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Your time is valuable, you don’t want to waste it writing emails that don’t drive results! 

We’ve all heard it… your email list should be making you a minimum of $1 per subscriber per month. But right now there seems to be three approaches online business owners are taking when it comes to their email lists… 
The “Email is Dead” approach
For whatever reason a lot of business owners seem to believe that email is dead... Even with chatbots, social media & SMS email is still the number 1 revenue driver for a lot of businesses!
The SELL SELL SELL approach
The constant bombardment of our inbox's have led a lot of people to see email as just a constant sales pitch and that they always look spammy! But done in the RIGHT way email is your best relationship builder.
The “Frustration” approach.
Just constantly frustrated with EVERYTHING to do with email. Writing, coming up with ideas, getting people to read... the lot! And because of that it gets pushed to the bottom of the to-do list!
Maybe you can relate? Maybe you’re sitting there thinking you fit into one of these categories (I was all three)
...and it’s no wonder why!
We’re constantly told that to build meaningful relationships with our subscribers we need to be churning out masterpieces everyday to our audience! But we sit down and stare at that blinking cursor…
Leaving Us Feeling Like This...
The ability to be able to transform into “master copywriter” mode isn’t with us all day everyday, waiting for us to put all the fires out and finally sit down to mail our list...

...whether that’s 3 x per week, once per week or even daily

The biggest struggles I See With Email…
Problem #1
Finding ideas & Inspiration:
Sometimes we just don’t know what to write about… you sit there racking your brain with either too many things you want to write about you can't decide or just NOTHING!
Problem #2
Time & Interruptions:
The kids are getting home from school in 15 minutes and you don’t have time to get into a creative space and craft a compelling email! Or perhaps those roadworks keep knocking you off your stride!

Problem #3
Lack of Results:
We’ve got so many other prioritise that are generating revenue today your email list just gets neglected and the relationship with some of your best customers never built!

There is a reason that some of the biggest names in the industry mail there lists daily… 
Because it works… Email makes up for 40% of revenue for the biggest marketers and companies in the world

Returning on average $44 for every $1 spent on it! (I’m pretty good with ads, but you try and get a 44x ROAS on Facebook!)
After trying to sporadically mail my list as and when I could I decided it was time for a plan… 
I found two main struggles when it came to mailing my list:
  • The WHAT: Actually coming up with ideas for content and topics to share in my emails that would engage, entertain, inform and seel my customer on me, my story and my products.
  • The HOW: How to write compelling emails quickly that actually keep people reading all the way to my calls to action
So on a long train journey I decided I would map out as many ideas for emails as I could…
Having businesses in multiple industries including coaching, services and health and fitness I started putting pen to paper… 

...just writing every idea of valuable content I could share with my list! 

2 hours later and I had over 500 email ideas!
That was the first part of the puzzle solved… 
Next I wanted to review some of the best emails I’ve ever sent or received for common elements and put together a template to start from for each email… 

After analysing 100’s of emails I came up with a 6 part framework… 

...the next time I sat down to email my list with my idea bank and framework in hand it was a breeze! 

What used to be a chore that took WAY to long… I was cranking out high quality email in 10-15 minutes! 
Just Imagine...
Engaged Readers!
Being able to craft email that people enjoy reading AND get them to take action on your products or services?
Crazy Returns
Seeing email marketing returning you $44 for every $1 you spend building your list over the lifetime of your customers
Bank of Ideas
Never having to worry about coming up with an email idea again knowing you have a bank of ideas that will connect with your audience!
Time Efficient
Sitting down at your computer sending a simple email in 15 minutes and watching sales role in for the rest of the day? 
After seeing success in my own business...
...and helping clients of my agency implement these strategies I then decided to expand on my idea bank and offer it to the public.
The Email Conversion Kit
The Email Conversion Kit is a complete package of our highest converting email templates, ideas and formulas for launching campaigns that convert for multiple industries!
The perfect kit for online business owners selling coaching, courses, ebooks, memberships and services!

You’ll come away with:
  • An entire year’s worth of daily email content Ideas so you can stop stressing about what you’re going to say!
  • The ability to generate real relationships with your subscribers perfect for people wanting the highest return for minimum time input
  • Consistency in your sales with email as a powerhouse for revenue in your business without ever feeling spammy when mailing your list
  • The perfect welcome sequence to engage your new subscribers and have them wanting more
  • And So Much More...
Everything You Get Inside The Email Conversion Kit
Suggested 365 Day Email Planner (Value £97)
You get 12 months of DAILY email broadcast content ideas mapped out for you (even longer if you only mail 3x per week)...  this means 365 unique email ideas for 6 different industries.
Special Bonus: 365 Email Planner Trello Boards
Plan out and structure your email calendar easily with this Email Conversion Kit Trello board to help you save time and stay organised with whats been mailed and when!
Weekly Email Planning Sheet (Value £47)
As well as the Done-For-You email calendar you also get blank weekly email planning sheets incase you want to "mix it up" and make your own content calendar. Get your own fill in the blanks weekly email planning sheet for your biz.
Special Bonus: 2,190 Email Ideas For 6 Online Business Types 
Covering 6 different industries with daily email content ideas you get an idea bank of over 2,190 email ideas to choose from for your weekly email content planning sheet.
The Perfect Email Masterclass (Value £97)
Having the idea is step 1... crafting an email that converts is step 2. This masterclass walks you through the 6 core elements of high converting emails, found after analysing 100's of email broadcasts and campaigns!
Special bonus: Perfect Email Template Swipe
Having a framework to write from makes sending your emails easier that ever. Saving you time and energy you can just fill in the template remove the prompts and hit send! 
The Email Conversion Kit Provides 1 Years Of Email Content Ideas For 6 Different Industries!
365 Days of Email Inspiration
  • 12 Months Of Editable Email Calendars
  • 365 Unique Email Ideas For 6 Industries
  • Training On How To Structure The Perfect Email
The quickest Way To A Strong Relationship With Your List
  • Become your subscribers go to leader!
  • Build meaningful relationships that will turn into customers
  • Consistently have email be your highest returning marketing platform
No More Staring at a blank screen!
  • Finally have a plan when you sit down to write an email to your list
  • Quickly craft compelling emails that inform, entertain AND sell your products and programs!
Get The Email Conversion Kit Today
Everything You get today:
  • Suggested 365 Day Email Planner (£97 Value)
  • ​365 Email Planner Trello Boards (£97 Value)
  • Weekly Email Planning Sheet (£47 Value)
  • ​2,190 Email Ideas For 6 Niches (£97 Value)
  • The Perfect Email Masterclass (£97 Value)
  • Perfect Email Template Swipe (£97 Value)
  • ​Subject Line Swipe File (£47 Value)
  • Email Tracking & Optimisation Masterclass (£47 Value)
  • ​Maximum Results From Micro Lists (£47 Value)
  • ​List Building Funnel Framework (£197 Value)
Total Value = £870
Todays Price = £37
Cams Promise: Our Rock Solid Guarantee
If you’re not 100% satisfied with the Email Conversion Kit or the support after 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, scouts honor.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of and THEN... make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.

Is someone building a better relationship with YOUR subscribers… 
Every day you aren’t emailing your list… 

Whether it’s 10 people or 10,000 people is a missed chance at building real, powerful relationships that can turn into life long customers for your business! 

So don’t delay in getting powerful emails to your list regularly! 
Plus Get These Exclusive Bonuses When You Start Today… 

Subject Line Swipe File (Value £47)

Getting your emails opened is priority number 1! With these 187 proven subject lines you can copy and paste them into your campaigns and watch your open rates sky rocket!

Email Tracking & Optimisation Masterclass (Value £47)

What gets measured, gets managed! This tracking and optimisation sheet & training will allow you to see the results you're driving from your email marketing quickly and easily.

Maximum Results From Micro Lists (Value £47)

Whether you have 10 or 100 subscribers on your list everyone counts! This audio will walk you through how to get the most out of your email list with minimum effort!

The List Building Funnel Framework (Value £197)

Constantly grow your email list with our highest converting lead gen funnel template and video training to help you build a list of high quality subscribers.
Everything You get today:
  • Suggested 365 Day Email Planner (£97 Value)
  • ​365 Email Planner Trello Boards (£97 Value)
  • Weekly Email Planning Sheet (£47 Value)
  • ​2,190 Email Ideas For 6 Niches (£97 Value)
  • The Perfect Email Masterclass (£97 Value)
  • Perfect Email Template Swipe (£97 Value)
  • ​Subject Line Swipe File (£47 Value)
  • Email Tracking & Optimisation Masterclass (£47 Value)
  • ​Maximum Results From Micro Lists (£47 Value)
  • ​List Building Funnel Framework (£197 Value)
Total Value = £870
Todays Price = £37
But you don’t have to just take My word for it.
I've been absolutely loving the Email Conversion Kit! It has made such a difference to the way I build the relationship with my list! I'm regularly getting emails back telling me how much my readers appreciate the emails Im sending and the value they are getting out of it! Whats best is because people are replying it's given me a chance to start conversations with people and I've already closed 2 coaching clients in the first week! Yay!! 
- Marie hunting
Emails always been my least favourite part of my business. I'd sit down and spend hours staring at the screen trying to craft the perfect email. One of the biggest takeaways I got from the kit is "done is better than perfect" and the fact I get better every time I send an email. With the framework I've been able to consistently mail my list and the quality of those emails is just going up and up! Thank you Cam!
- suzanne sheppard
The email conversion kit has been sooo good! The best part is having a plan to follow and being able to sit down and just write about that topic for the day. No need to be thinking up new ideas constantly and the planner fits If I decide to go a little off piste too! By far the best $37 I've invested into nailing down my email marketing!
- julie tootell
Finally turn your email list into a revenue generating machine for your business
Here's What Other Are Saying About Cam
frequently asked questions
How much time is required?
It kinda depends... If you're brand new to writing emails it may take a little longer. But you should still be churning out read worthy emails in under 30 minutes!
I don’t have a big list. Will this still work for me?
YES! Small lists are great becuase you can do things that aren't possible with huge 100 thousand people lists. Thats what the Max Results for Micro Lists bonus is all about! 
I’m a service based business. Is this still applicable?
Most definitely. Building a great relationship and sharing value to your potential clients is a great way to show them you're great at what you do and that they should hire you!
What if I don’t want to email daily?
Thats fine! Just means you have over a years worth of ideas to use then. I would say aim for minimum 3x per week though to make sure you're staying top of mind.
Is everything available immediately?
It is indeed! Once you complete your purchase you will be able to create your membership account where everything is available. 
Is there a guarantee?
100%!! I am so confident that this process and ideas will make your email marketing easier that all you have to do is implement the email strategies shared and if you don't get results just let me know and I'll buy the kit back from you.
Are You Ready To 2x, 5x Even 10x The Revenue You Make From Email?
Regularly emailing your list can literally be the difference between a highly profitable business and one that barely scrapes by. The best online businesses are driving up to 40% of their revenue from email. 

Email isn’t dead… but the relationship between you and your subscribers will die soon if you’re not regularly emailing them. The good news you’re just 1 idea per day away from building powerful relationships that will turn into lifelong customers.

Lets get starts, 
Cam x

Everything You get today:
  • Suggested 365 Day Email Planner (£97 Value)
  • ​365 Email Planner Trello Boards (£97 Value)
  • Weekly Email Planning Sheet (£47 Value)
  • ​2,190 Email Ideas For 6 Niches (£97 Value)
  • The Perfect Email Masterclass (£97 Value)
  • Perfect Email Template Swipe (£97 Value)
  • ​Subject Line Swipe File (£47 Value)
  • Email Tracking & Optimisation Masterclass (£47 Value)
  • ​Maximum Results From Micro Lists (£47 Value)
  • ​List Building Funnel Framework (£197 Value)
Total Value = £870
Todays Price = £37
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